K9 Face Mask
K9 Face Mask
K9 Face Mask

K9 Face Mask

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Oh shit! You wanna cuddle?! Wanna play? Wanna give me that sock? I’ll eat the hell out of it and barf it up later, I promise. Oh, you're busy? Cool, cool..no big deal, I’m just going to go check out the garbage for a bit, might steal a shoe, or shit in, I’m undecided. Where’s that stupid cat? Did you say WALK? DID. YOU. JUST. SAY. PARK? Ya, I’m going to find that dead squirrel I put aside for a rainy and roll in it. Grab those poop bags, that leash, that stupid cat and let’s go... (fine, leave the cat)!

  • Hand sewn by Canadian designers 
  • Preshrunk, high quality cotton material for breathable comfort 
  • Adjustable ear straps
  • Liner for filter (not included) 
  • Pattern placement and trim colour may vary

Please consult the size guide carefully. If in doubt, move up a size. Due to the nature of the product, all sales are final.   

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