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I am going to put my butt in your face every day until you are free to roam again. Yes, I will protect you outside like a sphinx protects his pharaoh, but once we are back inside I will smoke a Gauloise cigarette and critique your every move...yes even that pitiful fart. There is nothing you can do as I exist only to enjoy my deep nihilistic tendencies. Now, I’m going to strut around in the litter box, find you, prance across your face, and execute my most famous move...You guessed it: my butt in your face. It has become full circle.

  • Hand sewn by Canadian designers 
  • Preshrunk, high quality 100% cotton material for breathable comfort 
  • Adjustable, soft ear straps
  • Liner for filter (not included) 
  • Pattern placement and trim colour may vary

Please consult the size guide carefully. If in doubt, move up a size. Due to the nature of the product, all sales are final.   

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