Out Of This World!
Out Of This World!
Out Of This World!

Out Of This World!

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Ready to get weird? Well, it’s already weird but you and I are going to make it extra weird. I will show you the secrets of the universe, I’ll skip us from one star to the next, we’ll explore the galaxy and fight the evil overlord from the planet COVID-19 (but mostly from the couch because we’re not going out much). Oh, is that my brethren I see on that cylindrical canister?! Oh, nope, just a sticker on your bong.
  • Hand sewn by Canadian designers 
  • Preshrunk, high quality 100% cotton material for breathable comfort 
  • Adjustable, soft ear straps
  • Liner for filter (not included) 
  • Trim colour may vary
Please consult the size guide carefully. If in doubt, move up a size. Due to the nature of the product, all sales are final.   

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