The Foxy Roy
The Foxy Roy
The Foxy Roy

The Foxy Roy

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Welcome to Roy’s World doll, where it’s smug, pretentious and we listen to jazz. Together we’ll secretly sneer at the irony that is the utter mundanity of this life that we took for granted. Let’s get lost in a world where the women are one dimensional, usually clutching a phone to their ear and only have three facial expressions (single tear rolling from an innocent eye, panicked, and blank stare). Oh the banality of it all! Shall we cut you some bangs?
  • Hand sewn by Canadian designers 
  • Preshrunk, high quality 100% cotton material for breathable comfort 
  • Adjustable, soft ear straps
  • Liner pocket to hold filter (not included) 

Please consult the size guide carefully. If in doubt, move up a size. Due to the nature of the product, all sales are final.   

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